Health Safety and Environmental Policy

Arrow Construction Company Limited recognizes the hazardous nature of its operations in both oil and non oil sectors and its adverse consequences of its failure to observe,check and control or completely eliminate the acts or conditions that could result in an accident.

Arrow Construction is therefore committed to ensuring that :

1) There is zero fatality and accident in all our operations.

2) Everyone is responsible for health and safety.

3) No activity shall be carried out unless considered safe.

4) There is active participation in all the HSE activities of the company

5) Strive to minimize the impact of activities on the environment.

6) Ensure that health and safety are an important aspect of our business operations.

Our company’s (HSE) policy, aims at ensuring that our? services are delivered in a manner that is safe and not detrimental to the health of our environment.

Arrow Construction believes in the concept of safety and? protection of the environment

This policy guides our employees,contractors and visitors.

Security Policy

Security Affairs shall remain an integral aspect of Arrow Construction Company Limited policy. Theft, conversion, misappropriation or unauthorized removal, possession or without due authority use of Arrow Construction property, including, but not limited to materials, facilities, tools, equipment, documents and proprietary information or any items of property of other employees or customers/clients is prohibited.

To this effect, Arrow Construction shall engage the services of trained security personnel to man her job sites and facilities. To augment the Company’s security outfit, licensed professional security organizations may be engaged by Arrow Construction management to ensure wider security coverage. Where serious threat to lives and properties exist Arrow Construction shall seek and engaged the services of the Nigeria Police Force to maintain law and order. Such circumstances include case of mob attacks, serious community attack, piracy and armed robbery.

When necessary Arrow Construction shall provide torches, communication gadgets batons and other security equipment to enhance the performance of the security personnel. Only authorized government Law Enforcement Agents shall be allowed to carry arms with the Company facilities. Strict access control policy and the wearing of I. D. cards shall be enforced on all job sites and company facilities.

Security officers are by this policy empowered to arrest and report any violators of this policy and persons constituting a threat to lives and properties to the management. Such persons so arrested shall be expelled from the Company facilities and handed over to the Nigeria Police for prosecution.